it’s also like the really hot day in the great gatsby bc every day is like nick carraway randomly like “man fuck straight people” on the train into Manhattan

It is literally like that day in the Great Gatsby where its too hot to like not hate everything and not want to do anything and everything u have to do is like *dynamite piled on your shoulders*


they’re either 16 or 19 i’ve seen conflicted reports but I am…older than…both those things. it’s not ok.

sometimes I remember I’m older than Team Rocket and that messes me up

we need more ladies in the new version of the Order of the Phoenix so that I can ship them with Tonks

would Tonk wear Doc Martins or would she trip over the laces too much


*is a wreck*

*gives ppl lifestyle advice*

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does anyone have a good place on the Internet to watch Game of Thrones for free?

*points* help my friend

(project free tv prooooobably has it but i am a rhemora on the shark of a friend’s hbogo account so i can’t be certain)

tell me why u follow me on anon

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okay so, if you’re a cis person and you wanna reblog a “trans headcanons/interpretations are cool and should be defended” post then that is Cool and Good but can you please not preface any commentary with “it’s okay if you headcanon them differently but”

because nobody, ever, in the history of fandom, genuinely needs to know that they can say that a character is cis. that is the default assumption, which is in fact the whole problem. when one kind of headcanon is totally ubiquitous and the other is violently stamped out at every turn, there is no need for this faux-neutral “all things are good” statement. it exists to pacify the fears of cis fans, and frankly they are not the ones being threatened.

maybe less “it’s okay to have cis interpretations, but you have to tolerate trans ones too” and more “trans people will reclaim and re-interpret characters how ever they want, accept and support it”

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